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Mar 16, 2022

Episode 44 is live on location from71st Street in Bedford Park, Illinois home of CSX Transportation, known as the largest freight railroad in the Eastern U.S.


We are joined by Tom Livingston, the Head of State Government Relations and Community Affairs for CSX Transportation, who shares his insights and expertise on freight rail operations and shipping across the company's network.

Show Notes

2:25 Tom portrayed Chief Iliniwek during his time at University of Illinois


5:25 Some of the notable ports that CSX services are, New York/ New Jersey, Baltimore, Hampton Roads, Charleston, Savannah and JaxPort in addition to various inland ports.


11:05 Companies are focusing on the greening of their supply chains and moving freight on rail helps with ESG considerations.


12:55 Chicago is the Super Bowl for railroads


15:10 Bedford Park handles a lot of intermodal volume for the parcel shipping companies.


16:05 JLL was involved in the sale of a building on 71st Street which CSX acquired for future expansion of their facility.


27:30 The 71st Street facility does about 900,000 lifts and the 59th Street Facility does about 400,000 lifts per year.


31:00 Shifting freight off the roads and onto rail has a tremendous public benefit in reducing wear and tear on roads


33:00 Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg visited CSX Bedford Park to discuss the importance of infrastructure investment


37:20 As part of the CREATE Program, CSX will build a flyover along the 75th Street Corridor to alleviate congestion