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Jun 30, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the way we’re working, shopping, living and planning for the future. In this episode, we discuss shifts in e-commerce to accommodate an influx in shoppers and expansion of the supply chain. We also revisit predictions from two years prior when we first spoke with Matt Powers, executive vice president for retail and e-commerce distribution at JLL.


2:05 – Companies are not focusing on a single building in a single market, they’re looking to roll out a true network.  

4:00 ­– Tertiary markets are as hot as they have ever been.

6:33 – Consumers are more cautious in their shopping experience.

8:33 – Starting to see a shift in the supply chain from global to regional.

9:35 – Many retailers recognize the need to open a large presence closer to major metros and a secondary presence in tertiary markets to fulfill customer needs.

13:24 – How different generations experience online shopping.

14:23 – Opportunities for online ordering and pickup in the wake of the pandemic may create problems for inventory, especially in areas of cold storage.

15:15 – Consumers forced to do “BOPIS” (Buy Online Pickup In Store) during the pandemic will now be more comfortable with this shopping method going forward.

18:40 – The future is bright for grocery and their delivery services.

18:56 – Following up on predictions from two years prior.

19:38 – There’s a continuing demand and driver for e-commerce to arrive at the end customer more quickly.

21:15 – Some companies are more sophisticated and ready to approach e-commerce and supply chain conversations, and others want to hear success stories and best practices before they take the next step.