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Jun 10, 2020

When the pandemic first hit the U.S., it seemed everything came to a standstill. Now, we’re seeing how companies are reacting and adapting to in the way they conduct business. Listen to the latest episode featuring Christian Beaudoin, managing director, research and strategy at JLL to discuss how the firm is supporting clients and pushing forward during these uncertain times.


3:09 – JLL is laser focused on helping companies with re-entry and how to safely get back into the workplace.

5:50 – JLL’s Workplace Survey assesses available resources and productivity when working remotely.

9:00 – JLL was well prepared to get ahead of the curve with a transition to working from home.  

10:45 – Stories on how the research team is tracking transaction activity and collaborating virtually with our tech tools.

13:45 – Supply chain reconfigurations could benefit Chicago’s industrial and transportation sector.

15:15 – Closely tracking new available spaces coming to market to assess the impacts on vacancy.

16:00 – Life on the home front: what does your daily routine look like?