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Nov 4, 2019

Episode 27 brings together Chris Arnold, of the Transforming Cities podcast, and JLL Chicago Industrial Real Time. Listen as we discuss data and tools that are most useful, the warehouse of the future and how to market buildings in today’s world. 2:20 – Chad Buch and George Cutro share their backgrounds and how they entered the world of commercial real estate. 8:40 – There’s a lot of data points to consider, but the most important items they track about an industrial asset are: location, price, clear height, docks, drive-in doors, office space within the building and power. 12:50 – Since industrial buildings may be far apart, the team uses various technology—including Blackbird, a geospatial tool—to show clients an asset before making the trip to see it in person. In a virtual market tour they may review: transportation connectivity, drive times, labor and demographics, siteplans and circulation and nearby amenities. 16:56 – Industrial real estate has become more sophisticated in the last five to 10 years as manufacturing and fulfillment centers have expanded their footprint and functions and technology and automation have made buildings more connected. 17:46 – The warehouse of the future has more power, thicker floors, additional parking, secure truck courts, wireless infrastructure and sensors, and HVAC for quicker shipping and delivery. 23:57 – Chicago has a unique place in industrial history. 27:47 – Some buildings are better candidates for redevelopment and conversion rather than modern production and distribution—here’s why. 31:56 – Buildings today are being marketed more strategically now than years ago. 36:20 – Aerial footage and drones are a huge asset to show real-time progression of construction sites. 40:32 – Chad and George highlight fellow industry experts.