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Dec 9, 2022

Episode 48 is live from the new home of Lion Electric Vehicles at Clarius Park Joliet. We are joined by Michael Connor from JLL and Clarius Partners' Eric Johnson to hear about JLL’s involvement with Building I and the development and leasing of the 906,517 sq. ft. manufacturing facility.  

This location will become Lion Electric’s first manufacturing facility in the US and a showcase for consumers. Lion Electric was attracted to Joliet for its robust logistics industry, labor force and the Illinois Climate Change Policy which aligns well with the electric vehicle market.

When the project started, the team knew it would have a big economic impact due to the amount of power and parking needed to support the plant. There was a tremendous amount of effort to take a speculative shell building and adapt it for producing zero emission vehicles. 

Hear how the team pivoted in the middle of construction to add in over 100,000 square feet of office space, cranes, paint booths and reconfigured loading docks in our latest episode.