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Dec 21, 2021

Episode 42, is live on location at 3711 S Ashland Avenue Chicago, the new home of Aviation Institute of Maintenance, a technical school offering offer hands-on training for full service aircraft repair and maintenance. We are joined by Ben Fish from Logistics Property Company to tell us about the building and development process. Brad Wood from JLL’s Project and Development Services team tours us through the classrooms, hangar, and welding room. Then hear from Gavin Stainthorpe and Michael Conway on the site selection process, the tenant’s unique requirements, and why they selected the location in the City of Chicago.

1:35- Introduction to the Chicago Stockyards Industrial Park.

3:10- Walk through the corridors of the facility to view the classrooms, computer lab, student resource library, and faculty offices.

6:50- Step into the hangar to see the various aircraft.

9:37- All the columns have compressed air drops and coil reels for pneumatic tools like you would see in a service garage

13:00- View the welding lab area which has its own self-contained exhaust system.

15:05- Step into the composition lab which will be used for working on aircraft fiberglass repairs and modification.

17:25- Ben Fish explains why LPC was attracted to the site, “we could almost see our office building downtown from this location.”

21:20- The mural on the west side of the building along Ashland Avenue is as part of a public art initiative on new developments in the 11th Ward.

24:40- Michael Conway and Gavin Stainthorpe give background on the tenant’s requirement and their search across Illinois and Indiana and the need to find a building with sufficient parking.

28:30- The facility did not need to be next to airport and instead focused on population density and the ability to attract students from not only the City of Chicago but all across the metro area.