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May 19, 2020

With the rise of e-commerce, buyers expect goods to be delivered to them in one day. This in turn drives the amount of industrial construction needed to keep up with demand. A recent research study from JLL analyzed 4.2 billion square feet of industrial product representing 32 percent of the total United States industrial base, and identified trends and growth in 14 cities across the Midwest and Great Lakes regions in regards to dock door construction.


Download the full report here.


2:45 – Key findings from Cincinnati and other Great Lakes markets in the “e-commerce corridor” including Louisville, Cincinnati and Columbus.

4:53 – Dock door ratios have grown to one dock for every 7,000 square feet, approximately.

5:30 – Indianapolis has seen record dock door construction over the last three years.

6:46 – Most developments are in urban areas.

10:39 – St. Louis and Western Michigan saw the greatest increase in dock door construction.