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Jan 28, 2020

In a new crossover episode from JLL Chicago Industrial Real Time and Where We Buy, JLL researchers discuss the holiday shopping season and a product’s journey from the warehouse, to the store, to the consumer, and sometimes a return.Listen as our experts discuss the triumphs of the 2019 holiday season, and how their predictions from their last collaboration in 2017 panned out. 1:37: The peak seasonal spike for warehouse labor is a big issue for companies as unemployment is low. 3:19:Most products come from overseas and require different modes of transportation to get the goods to their destination. 5:10:Third party logistics (3PL) companies are a great solution for flexible warehousing, overflow and seasonal spikes. 6:47:Packaging and transportation companies are affected by the busy holiday season as they need to account for the influx well before the season begins. 8:17:The rail and trucking industries work together to move goods. 10:08:Holiday sales increased from last year, and online sales continued to grow. 11:16: Warehouses for online stores and traditional stores vary in square footage, height and technology at the facility. 13:10: Returns are a big supply chain cost, and retailers struggle with how to accept them due to the costs associated with getting the item back. 14:47: The future of warehousing looks different for each company. 16:44: Malls are here to stay, but they need to be focused on experience and entertainment. 18:30: KidZania is a role-playing experience for kids where they are assigned a career and participate in activities that teach them various skills. 20:02: There are too many malls, but not too many retailers. 22:15: Grocery stores have changed in the last 10 years in the products and services they offer. 23:43: How e-commerce companies are making the move—if at all—to brick-and-mortar stores.