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Dec 9, 2019

Recently, we joined Commercial Property Executive to discuss what’s considered a “big box” warehouse, where we’re seeing rentgrowth, how population densityfactors intolocation selection, and more. Thanks to Senior Associate EditorLaura Calugar for hosting us and posingpoignant questions about what’s driving the industry and where it’s headed. 0:25–What’s considered “big box,” and where demand lies for these facilities. 3:36–Absorption is keeping pace with demand. 4:34 –Population density is driving location choice for occupiers. 7:17–Rents are escalating along both coasts between fiveto 10percent; in the Midwest, rents are growing between three and five percent. 8:37–Investors are entering secondary markets searching for higher yielding opportunities. 10:25–Population density is a factor to consider when looking at emerging markets for “big box”industrial facilities. 13:00–Third-party logistics companies have been a top driver inleasing activity in 2019as companies focus ontheir core business—running their stores, developing a new product or strengthening customer service—and outsourcing warehousing and transportation to 3PLproviders. 14:23–Tariffs and trade disputes with China have slowed down some industries, including raw materialsand agriculture. 18:52–Labor shortages are a major challenge for thegrowth of the logistics anddistribution industry. 21:13–Employers can attract and retain talent by selecting a location in close proximity to retail and dining amenities. 22:23 –Overall the industryoutlookis positivefor 2020.